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Anonymous: Today is not the first day of spring lol

It is in Australia mate

23 hours ago


my blog will make you horny ;)

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calayateagan: You're perfect! I wish I was like you! 😍

Aw thanks love! But I’m really not ! Xx

1 day ago


Anonymous: What do you wanna do when you finish school? :)

Travel!! And be a psychologist

1 day ago

Anonymous: What is fitness cert?

It’s a study, and when you finish all your certs you can be a qualified personal trainer

1 day ago

Anonymous: What's your Instagram ? I wanna follow you. x


1 day ago

Anonymous: How long have you and your bf been dating? xxx

6 months anniversary on Monday!

1 day ago

Anonymous: What gym do you go to?

Ultima x

1 day ago