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Anonymous: Do you ever eat chocolate or anything? What is the thing you eat when you feel like sweet things? xx

I love dark chocolate so much

1 hour ago

sassy-as-fuckk: Your body is gorgeous don't listen to that stupid anon!! xx

Aw thanks babe!

1 hour ago

Anonymous: what you doing these hols?

Not a lot really. Just enjoying my lasts holidays with no assignments!

1 hour ago

Anonymous: How do you deal with the pressure from boys to "do stuff"?

Well I have a boyfriend so I don’t get pressured like that haha. But if you ever do, literally get up or tell them to stop and if they are pissed off they obviously arnt worth it

4 hours ago

tentofifty: You're no where near looking like a skeleton wtf Is that anon on about jeeeeeessuuuus. Probs just jel bby

Aha thanks babe

5 hours ago

Anonymous: you are way way way too skinny, you already look like a fucking skeleton, it's gross just stop. work on muscle definition please

Please don’t tell me what to do with my own body. It’s mine not yours

6 hours ago

Anonymous: are you going to australia slimfest?

Nah man

12 hours ago

Anonymous: Did you not have dinner?


20 hours ago

Anonymous: What did you eat today

Had some fruit & yogurt & too many coffees haha

1 day ago


Fun cat walking today

More here x
Anonymous: Do you ever drink alcohol? if so what type?

Vodka & soda w lime

3 days ago


Cushnie et Ochs S/S 2012